CHAIR LUCIA [dining chair] 2015

THE STORY: A dining set may invite you to sit down and enjoy a meal but not many people pay a great attention when buying such an item; yet, they should look for comfort and durability.

DESIGN & MAKE: The original idea came to my mind when showing to my boys how they can make beautiful and intriguing shapes with ink and thread: I saw then that all those symmetrical shapes have had something in common: organic lines and fluidity. When designing this chair, I thought of making it from a single rectangle piece of bent ply, without throwing anything. I used ecofriendly glue and so, the entire work is highly sustainable and, of course, fully recyclable in the end.

WHAT’S IMPORTANT: An important aspect of the present project is that I implemented my designer ethos which relates to reducing the waste in both the concept and fabrication stages.

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