Playing a kid [analog photography collection] 2014

THE STORY: The most limitless source of imagination are children; either they are few months old or more, kids are always in for a play. They have no constraints, they have no shame or fear. They have no background knowledge which could limit their imagination; therefore, they only discover, invent and/or give meanings.

What is a pencil in an adult’s hand? Just a pencil, a writing tool. Yet, a child will see it in endless ways: it could be a pencil, a gun, a marionette, an imaginary friend, or a building. It could even be a boat or better a racket one can use to go to another world... how wonderful! Besides that, when children grow, they begin to have duties and responsibilities such as being careful, being polite, learning new things or even doing small domestic jobs.

In few words, this is how kids grow. This is how they walk on the life paths towards the future. This is, actually, playing a kid!.

MAKE: Analog photoshooting, using a Pentax-K100 camera with 35mm color film (below are few photographs).

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