REDPACK [re-branding] 2014

THE STORY: Redpath Museum is the oldest museum in Canada built for the exact purpose. Over the time, there were gathered more than 3 million exhibits from all over the world, representing many ancient cultures, extinct species, and historical artefacts. From the very beginning, this museum was intended for university education, which still goes on today, but it was also open to the public so people can benefit from it. Research at the museum is focused on evolution of life on the planet and also on examining how creatures and systems are changing today. Regarding it’s place in Montreal’s culture, it is well known that the Redpath Museum represents an iconic image both by his background and by the relationship with his benefactor, Peter Redpath, the sugar baron, well known as a business man, a philantropist, and a science lover.

DESIGN & MAKE: This re-branding project was executed as so to meet the expectations of a wide range of stakeholders. Unlike the idea of shiny and colorful items for children, this design brings colors in warm shades that go well with the theme. The poster: contains important historical informations about the Redpath Museum and presents a quantitative chart regarding the seven permanent exhibitions which are displayed. The scavenger pack: offers the chance of having fun while visiting and it’s destined both for kids and adults. It comes as a backpack having inside a map, a pen, and a flashlight. The souvenir: is a little booklet containing few less known stories about the museum and few beautiful images.
With beautiful and rare exibits and intriguing stories, the Redpath Museum makes a remarcable and captivant space for children, youth as well as for adults, by offering an ideal place for an escape from daily routine and the Redpack comes to complete this unique experience.

WHAT’S IMPORTANT: fun, adaptable, informative, re-branding, reusable, wide range of stakeholders

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